Take your real estate business to the next level with your very own mentor—in your hometown! Our mentors take you by-the-hand and walk you through deals to increase your real estate portfolio.

Whether it’s buying your first property or trying to grow your current portfolio to multi-units, commercial, and land development techniques; we can find a perfect mentor to fit your needs and move you towards success.

You will be learning directly from a mentor who has already succeeded in real estate investing. So many of our mentors have been touched by how much real estate investing has changed their lives. Now they want to help others change theirs. Even though mentoring is unique and based solely on the needs and goals of the student, here is an example of what a mentor may teach you:

  • Expert coaching on your professional goals and creating a strategy to make them achievable.
  • Support with marketing strategies and techniques to locate real estate in your area.
  • A thorough market analysis of your hometown.
  • A full evaluation of potential deals including income & market analysis and potential exit strategies.
  • Strategies in real estate which best fit your future goals.
  • How to obtain creative or traditional financing for properties.
  • How to automate your own personal real estate investing business.

Throughout the mentorship, the mentor is assessing your goals and taking you step-by-step towards how to achieve them. Near the end of the mentorship, the mentor works with you individually on what to do next—after the mentoring is completed so that you continue to have success.

To speak to one of our Counselors, please call: 877-825-8885.